Ceļojuma galamērķis Jūrmala

Continuing their Silk Road the travellers stopped, walking off their feet. They seemed to see the see on the horizon – paradise for the tired minds. The young traveller has asked the mayoral: “Maybe it's a mirage? Maybe it's not the main destination of our travel, because once we had already found an oasis for the tired travellers, which was called Uzbekistan?” “No, my friend, we have found the right place. This wonderful oasis in Jurmala is the continuation of Uzbekistan, which we had the luck to see once. Here East meets West again. And here travellers can release their thoughts, delighting in the charming sun on the terrace of Uzbekistan. In this place East meets West, and the travellers can feel how the antiquity alternates with modernity, and explore this mystical and still unfamiliar oriental culture through the enjoyment of food and magnificent atmosphere, natural products and delicious hand-made meals”.
The young traveller smiled at the mayoral: “I like this place. Here I can experience the indescribable feeling of freedom and... here is the sea”. The wise man gave a smile to the admiration of young traveller: “We are here my friend, and this place is really a perfection – Uzbekistan surrounded by the sea”. And then the prophetic words came - “We're here to stay”.