About us

The predecessor of this restaurant has settled in the Latvian capital - Riga, and in a very short time became one of the most popular and most preferred restaurants among the city guests and inhabitants. The atmosphere in Jurmala restaurant is the same as in Riga restaurant, and  very warm-hearted people got together there, so do not be surprised if you meet an Uzbek cook in the restaurant's doorway, who will inquire about your health and well-being as if you have known him for 100 years.

In some sense, restaurant Uzbekistana can be called the gastronomic capital of Asia, a place where you can enjoy the excellent cuisine of Central Asia. Additionally, you can enjoy delicious food while also receiving the other aesthetic pleasure provided by the interior and atmosphere. You will be able to make a choice of a wide range of variations of the Uzbek dishes, and with such a wonderful flavour that would be able to compare with the dishes of any metropolitan executive chef. Layered lamb pie, called the samosa will be melting in your mouth, while the gentle juice will be revealing the most delicate nuances of flavour. The lamb shashlik cooked by Uzbeks will make you absolutely sure that a good shashlik should be cooked only by Uzbeks, so the whole team of chefs have travelled a long way from Uzbekistan for really a good reason. If you wish, you can watch the cooking process of the meals on an open fire by yourselves. And, of'course, the pride of the restaurant and of any Uzbek – the pilaf will be brought and served by the executive chef. Do not forget to look in his eyes at that moment, you will definitely notice there the Uzbek sincerity we have talked about. This true sincerity that you can't tell, but sometimes can see in the eyes. You should definitely taste the Uzbek bread (Tandir bread). It is cooked by the special baking master, who is the top-rank professional and entrusts this work to nobody, even to the executive chef. Besides, you know, of'course, that the power is hidden in bread and the life is hidden in bread, so if you taste the Uzbek bread, the energy, love and sincerity, which are put in the baking of the bread, will come home to you.

Restaurant Uzbekistana without any false modesty can be classified among the places, which fascinate at first sight, but it takes time to discover all their charm and magic. It is a place where you can feel, discover, enjoy and taste, by every cell absorbing the unique emotions, feelings, taste and pleasure provided by the Uzbek culture and their fair value - people.